Mona Liza’s hot & Sexy Photoshoot for FHM Magazine

?????????The Pakistani actress Mona Lisa, turned to be a Bollywood actress these days with name of sara loren. She just hit news when her Bollywood movie murder 3 was released all over the country.she make bold love scenes in the movie filmed with Randeep Hooda.People were expecting that being a Muslim, Sara would not be seen in love making scenes but she surprised the people She said that,”Bollywood is more open when it comes to showcasing sensuality and lovemaking scenes, as compared to the film industry in her homeland.

Sara Loren says that Love making scene is not a big deal. The Pakistani actress Mona Lisa and now Sara Loren has featured on the cover of FHM magazine’s March 2013 issue. She said that after the success of Murder 3 movie thousands of people have appreciated her. However some have also criticized her bold scenes in the film. Kuwait born girl Sara Loren has said that all of those people who are criticizing her must do their work instead of focusing on her. Sara said that it was demand of the film to do such intimate scenes and according to director without such scenes the feel of the movie would have not been completed..

After her bold appearance in Murder 3, the hot Sara Loren aka Mona Liza has also posed steamy and sensuous for FHM Magazine Cover, the same for which Veena Malik sparked controversy in India.

At cover page, Sara Loren is standing erotic with nude legs, wearing a bohemian top and polka doted black panties whereas for inner pages photoshoot, she is too sexy in bare white covering, giving glimpse of her nude body.

Sara Leron Sexy Nude Photoshoot for FHM Magazine ????????? ????????? ????????? murder-3-actress-sara-loren_13575593251  sara-loren_13577322160Sara Loren has proved that she is not less than anyother Bollywood actress and has set to drive her fans crazy with an ultra-hot photoshoot for March 2013 FHM cover which has the tagline, “She is Pakistani cover girl after 14 months and she is not suingsara-loren_13577322263 sara-loren_13577322519

14 months ago, Veena Malik appeared on the cover page of FHM magazine and her controversial nude photshoot wearing ISI tattoo on body raised fierce response in Pakistan, which is the objective for the tagline “She is Pakistani cover girl after 14 months and she is not suing”.

Sara Loren has also disclosed that she has been offered the participation for the upcoming season of Big Boss but has not taken any decision so far. After this lewd photoshoot for FHM Magazine, everyone is really waiting for a ‘yes’ for Big Boss 7.

sara-loren_135773225410 sara-loren-s-fhm-magazine-cover-shoot_13636056430 sara-loren-s-fhm-magazine-cover-shoot_13636056451


One thought on “Mona Liza’s hot & Sexy Photoshoot for FHM Magazine

  1. she is a very hot and sultry heroine. we ought to be lucky we get to gaze at this heavenly woman of everyone’s dreams.

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